35 thoughts on “Freenode has blocked the Mibbit client.

  1. This is completely stupid of Freenode. Shame on them.

    How do you know it’s permanent? Have they made a statement?

    Where do you think we should move the #startups channel if they don’t desist in, say, a day or two?

  2. I experienced that this morning…. really disappointing. Now have to use their crappy webchat… Hope everything will be better

  3. Ugh…this really sucks.

    The webchat they rolled out lacks “a few” features of mibbit that I really liked.

    Keep up the great work on mibbit.

  4. is really sad! I’m angry. What can we do to fix it? alternative servers to connec to freenode? are they filtering by client ip? can you change some string to avoid the filter? Can we add a node to the freenode network that accepts WEBIRC? can you provide the server side code of mibbit to install in our own servers were we use the widget? would it void the filter?


  5. :-( I’ve tried talking with them on #freenode, but it seems they consider the Mibbit userbase too small to be worth the hassle of coming to a solution. Saying they have “solved the problem” by introducing their own webirc client…

  6. WTF. So this is why i couldnt connect. This is pretty lame of freenode. Mibbit is my favourite webirc client and I should be able to use it! What is the problem really? Why do they allow qwebirc? What is the difference?? bah.!

  7. Well, that’s just great. I love the Mibbit client, but I only chat in one room and it happens to be on freenode.

    The freenode web client blows, by the way. Now using Chatzilla

  8. Damn shame. Means I won’t be able to get into ##php on the go now. Buggered if I’m using their webchat, it sucks.

  9. I don’t think the Mibbit client is fantastic or anything, but at least it works. I just tried the Java client they have on their webpage, but it doesn’t work behind $EVILPROXY.

  10. Oh, it appears that there is another URL which doesn’t use Java, which does work. So, for me, the blocking is not an issue.

  11. We dealt with a similar issue on IRCHighWay, except I just went and implemented WEBIRC, solved the abuse problem, and didn’t make any users mad… not sure why they didn’t just do that. qwebirc is decent, set it up too… but mibbit supports multiple networks, which is kind of key for some of our mibbit users, some of which aren’t able to install a desktop client due to various local restrictions.

  12. For an IRC network that I thought represented freedom, this seems like a very backward and oppresive action. I have to say that I am very disappointed by this.

    I will certainly be looking to migrate away from Freenode where possible to a more open and free network.

    Is there somewhere official that I can express my displeasure?

  13. In fairness, there were substantial abuse problems on the Freenode network stemming from Mibbit users. Mibbit’s way of hashing IP addresses made blocking offenders non-trivial…

  14. Well you could throw a fit in the official freenode channel, but that won’t help much. I actually thought of another idea.
    Perhaps we should try to contact the Peer-Directed Projects Center and their registered contact agents.

  15. What about only allowing registered and verified users to connect to freenode? Would that make’em happy?

  16. The reason is really simple. You haven’t released any of your code.

    Freenode believes in open source projects and mibbit is obviously not one of them.

    Now that alternatives exist there is very little reason to permit an ajax chat to connect that you have no ability to see how it works.

  17. So I spent a little time in #freenode today trying, not to re-hash past history, but to come up with *forward-looking* possible solutions. Here’s three that seemed like they might be worth looking into:

    1) Mibbit put up an abuse@ mail address as frontend to a ticket system. In this way, FN (and/or other networks) would have a trackable way to register issues they have, with Mibbit itself or Mibbit’s users. It’s important this be a ticket system so that items are trackable and referrable. It would also be a less heated means of communication than just chatting on IRC, which as we all know, can easily lead to rising tempers when there is contention in the air.

    Additionally consider some way of verifying that complainst to abuse@ come from auth’d network staff, so it can’t be spoofed by wrong people.

    2) Mibbit allow only registered and verified users to connect to FN. In this way, if an issue comes in to the ticket system at (1), then mibbit can simply ban that user from connect to FN. Verified could be the standard email verification deal. Maybe even in concert with FN’s own nick registration process?

    3) Mibbit implement a proxyscanner – bopm was used as the example by an FN person I was chattng with.

    All of these are simply suggestions. I’m not affiliated with Freenode other than as a user. I wish you all good luck with this, and speedy resolution!

  18. Mink, that is retarded. Plain and simple.
    A totally bullshit excuse that hurts people and does not help them in anyway.

  19. Hey!!! What make you differents is just some fonts color in tittle (check both blogs:

    So.. why not to “extend” the mibbit access just a few days/week and Freenode’ guys help Mibbit’s guys to fix the errors.

    You two guys rocks.. But, you guys can’t rock without the other.. Please.. Contact yourselfs :)

  20. It’s because banning mibbit users, while possible, was exceedingly hard for owners of rooms.
    So when someone joined my room and did nothing but type in all caps the most vulgar things in the world, I couldn’t stop him.

    If Mibbit changed it so the IP they gave people for logging onto the server remained the same upon disconnecting and reconnecting, perhaps freenode would not have done this.

  21. mink: No, that isn’t the reason. And that’s according to Freenode staff. The “reason” is that they were receiving abuse from mibbit, and they “apparently” couldn’t get the real ip address of anyone connecting. As if mibbit didn’t include the hex-encoded ip address as part of the hostname.

    Freenode sucks after this. I will be looking to move away from freenode as well if they don’t unblock mibbit very soon.

  22. The reason had nothing to do with the fact that mibbit isn’t open source, and in my opinion mibbit has the right to decide if its code is open or not. freenode banned mibbit due to abuse, not due to mibbit not being open, and if that were the case mIRC and many other closed clients would be banned as well,

  23. I run #mises on Freenode, and thanks to this, I’m looking to switch IRC networks. If anyone knows of a good freedom-oriented IRC network, please pop in and let me know. I’m considering OFTC, which is where I moved my other channel to a few years ago when we were having Freenode problems.

  24. @Mink:

    That is *not* a reason at all. If FN blocked mibbit because it isn’t Open Source Software, then why haven’t they blocked mIRC for one, or any other closed source IRC client.

  25. Axod, thank you for both updating the situation and for being open to dialogue with freenode’s staff. I hope this proves to be a fruitful relationship between mibbit and freenode.

  26. It’s fun that Freenode didn’t even approve the comment I sent to their own blog. How free of them.

    Anyway, as we know Mibbit provides the user’s IP/hostname to Freenode, and while it’s a bit of a mess for channels operators to ban that, that’s really an issue with how Freenode handles hostmasks, not Mibbit itself.

    And if a channel’s operators just don’t want Mibbit users in, they can just ban Mibbit as a whole (as a free choice) and that’s it.

    So the “abuse” justifications are mostly meaningless.

    I’ve had quite a few examples of Freenode’s less-than-transparent behaviors, and this is one more example. Not cool.

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