Anti abuse updates #1 (UPDATED)

EDIT: The abuse reports never made it into production, after concerns about privacy and other factors. For current Mibbit privacy policy please check and if you have any problems with abuse please contact –Axod

Here’s some improvements to mibbit to handle abuse in light of recent events:

* The dronebl blacklist checking which was added some months ago has been verified, and working. If networks would like mibbit to check against other blocklists, please let me know and I’ll add them in.

* Any KILL messages received from networks are now logged into a new database, including an AbuseReport – details of the IP, nick, server, recent log.

* Anyone on any network, when faced with an abusive user from Mibbit, can now do /ctcp <nick> report <optional_reason>. The client will log an AbuseReport as above, to be dealt with by staff.

* AbuseReports will be handled by mibbit staff, and a decision taken on if the IP should be blocked. Reports will be dealt with as a top priority on Mibbit. If a ban is imposed, it will be instant, and the user will be blocked completely from accessing any Mibbit website – not just the network where the abuse occurred. Note that details about the reporter are logged, and the network, so the abuseReports can’t themselves be abused. We will also check the recent log to determine if the user was indeed abusing / spamming / advertising/etc. We will also be able to see if the KILL was due to some network specific system, such as GHOSTing, in which case, we will simply ignore those. Mibbit does NOT log everything, and will only create a recent log of chat in order to determine if abuse took place or not. This will never be shared with any 3rd party. Your privacy is paramount.

* The mibbit backend now imposes a strict clone limit of 2 when a user connects to non-WEBIRC networks. For WEBIRC networks, the clone limit is dealt with by the ircd directly. This prevents people from opening multiple sessions to mibbit in order to have multiple connections to the same network, with the intent of causing trouble.

These are the first stages of updates to the Mibbit client to battle abuse and misuse of the client, please let me know if there is any feedback on the above. The majority of users are well behaved community players – if you see anyone abusing, using a mibbit client, please do report immediately.

EDIT: The abuse reports never made it into production, and will now be dropped, after concerns about privacy.

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8 thoughts on “Anti abuse updates #1 (UPDATED)

  1. Great news. But are you sure /ctcp is a good idea? The moment someone tries reporting a non-mibbit user that way, the person will instantly know..


  2. Interesting stuff; although, I do have one question. Bullet point 4 states that mibbit staff check the “recent log” to determine if a user was abusing. My question is, what exactly is contained in this log?

  3. @SecretAgent A ‘recent log’ of the last 20 packets of communication is held in memory. When an abuse report is filed, this is saved to be reviewed to determine if abuse took place or not. It will not be shared with any 3rd party, and will be treated in strictest confidence by Mibbit with the sole purpose of removing abuse.

  4. I am pleased to see that some remedial actions are being taken. Hopefully these actions, and the spirit of cooperation in which they are offered will inspire the freenode admins to reconsider.

  5. Hi,

    Argh! Point 5 is killing the use of Mibbit completely for me :(

    I’m behind a company proxy, so there is a maximum of 2 users for my whole company that can connect to (e.g. FreeNode) IRC via Mibbit :(

    The whole use of Mibbit for me at work, is that it circumvents proxy problems… But now it is impossible to reach IRC at work… due to that limit…

    Please look at this, because this is not what you intended, I think! (And hope!)

    Kind regards,


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