Massaging code into shape

Just released a new version. I’ve done lots of work towards the…. embedded version!
Merging the server tab with the chat channel tabs, and merging the layout from the previous embed version into the mix as well.
The end result is there is now a component that can display server stuff *and* channel stuff – useful in embed where you won’t have tabs.

edit: Just to clarify, there will be more than one version of embedded. One of the versions will be tied to a specific channel and won’t have tabs. Other versions will be a complete IRC client and so will have tabs :)

Also some features/bug fixes:

  • Halfop support – mode h is supported, as well as nicks starting with % to signify halfop. This is shown as a half yellow star.
  • Tab complete now works on PMs to complete either your nick, or the other persons nick (bug at the moment it is lowerCased).
  • Modes are parsed better now. +oo nick1 nick2 , +o-b+v nick1 * nick2 will work now.
  • Security fix for typing notify. Previously it may have been possible to ‘spoof’ someone elses typing status… not any more.
  • MOTD is now printed in monospace. Makes ascii art work and just looks much better.
  • /kick works better now. “/kick axod”, “/kick axod go away”, “/kick #foo axod”, “/kick #foo axod go away” will all work now.
  • Unification of the gui for server tab and chat tabs, incorporating embed gui also. Some possible “dissapearing text cursor on ff2″ fixes.
  • /set is now deprecated. Use /dset for now to set your prefs… will go into the prefs tab soon.

We broke through 300 online users at peak yesterday which is cool, lets get to 500 next eh :)

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