A new UI, our logo, and some updates

Well, the bad news is the server kinda blew up yesterday. The good news is that was due to it running out of file handles as we are getting popular :) The default is 1024 file handles. I’ve increased that to 65536 now, so it should be fine for a while yet :)

Immense thanks go to iLegal for the new UI design, which I think rules. Meet Kenneth the frog, our mascot and logo. We will have T-Shirts one day ;)

I have incorporated WEBIRC passwords for all servers that requested it, so those should be live now. Please email me if not.

Invite now works a little better. You can do “/invite nick” to invite someone to the current channel (Assuming you have permission to), or “/invite nick #channel”. The other side gets a nicely formatted invite, which they can click to join.

Topic also works a little better. “/topic” will show the current topic.

A couple of defaults for the theme were changed, but these will not update for anyone who has saved prefs or auto-connects. (Still need to fix this one). If you want the new changes that look better IMHO, just do:

/dset nickBackground #cad69f
/dset timeBackground #e4eace

You can also now edit the auto-connects in preferences tab. I’m also planning to add a checkbox there to say if you want to auto-connect to it or not, and then a button next to that to say “connect”. The reason being, sometimes I want my favourite servers/channels/nick/pass remembered, but don’t necessarily want to connect to them all every time I come to mibbit. So with this, you’ll be able to specify what you want.

A note about IE6. This is not a nice browser. Things don’t work well in it. I have started to unfortunately disable features for IE6 users. IE6 users don’t get nice tabs, and possibly won’t get future enhancements. If you’re using IE6, think about upgrading :)

I think that’s all the updates for now, we hit about 380 users online yesterday which is getting quite cool.

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