Thanks :)

Thanks for your patience while Mibbit was moving to a new (Hopefuly reliable) home. We have a little more flexibility now with the backend which is good.

We have broken a few more records lately, still not quite got to 1,000 users online at the same time, but not too far off :)

The embedded widget version has been refined, and is now in use on quite a few websites. There’s also a drupal module (Thanks to Kevin)

In terms of the software, there have been a few updates, bug fixes, etc.
You can now kick people right from the user menu (If you’re op or above).

The tabs work a lot better now, specifically, you don’t get the arrows on the right unless you need them (More than one tab). Also the arrows turn red if your name was mentioned somewhere.

As a precaution all outgoing links now go through a jump script so that the referrer is hidden. For example, if you’re using the widget and have provided a nick parameter, any websites you visit will not know that.

There are a few new prefs also.

There is also a whole new embedded widget permissions system that is in use on one website so far. This will enable channel/irc owners to use the widget with their channel/server, without any possibility of others copying the widget and pointing to the owners channel/server.
In short, whoever has control of the channel/server, gets control of the widget.

This will be released in alpha when it is ready. Please do not ask too much :)

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