Behind the scenes progress

We’re doing quite a lot of upgrades to the backend servers that keep Mibbit running. This will mean far better scalability/failover/etc going forward.

It also means that we’re now able to update backends without having to kick everyone off for most updates. There’s still the odd situation which calls for a restart, but these are getting rarer. We’ll try to warn of any scheduled downtime.

We’re still growing at a great rate – the last week was the busiest week ever on Mibbit (A regular occurrence), so we need to make sure we can support all the users adequately.

One of the other cool things we’re rolling out is some compression enhancements which should make Mibbit that little bit faster, and reduce bandwidth usage.

We’re just starting to map out a major revamp to the main client, so stay tuned for details of that in the new year :)

Thanks once again for all your feedback, feature ideas, and for helping Mibbit along. It really is great to be part of such a friendly community.

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