New features

  • Lots more prefs to play with.
  • Fixed some mIRC style support (Added cancel all styles)
  • You can now ignore people. Note this is only done on a per channel basis, for the time they are in the channel. This will be changed and improved upon later.
  • New [My Profile] page – This will be changed quite a bit, for instance date of birth instead of age. But it’s a start…
  • New show/hide userlist. Especially handy where space is limited. You can also do this with /ulhide and /ulshow.
  • Now on the embed widget if there is a nick collision, you get a nicer nickname prompt.
  • Wii fix so that it does default to having a send button.

Quite a few new IRC networks came on board, and lots of behind the scenes tidying up of code etc.

The embed widget is technically pretty much complete, it’s now a case of deciding how to allow its use. If you own your own irc server and would like to get a mibbit embed client setup for it, please email.

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