Clutch of plugins available for Mibbit widget

Happy New Year to everyone!  Usage was a little erratic over the holidays but returned to the 9000 peak and higher, looking to see if it nudges 10,000 for the first time soon.

Over the break Mibbit has seen a small clutch of plugins released making our chat widget available on several different platforms.  First up is the popular vBulletin forum platform where developer, and IRC network, vbIRC have been busy writing a plugin which lets forum users enter the widget using their real forum name as a nick.  Joshua Lückers has developed a great Google Chrome extension for users who want to make Mibbit their default irc:// handler and finally, two WordPress plugins are available making it easy to add Mibbit to a WordPress blog.  The first, by Keiran Smith is straight forward to install, and the second, by Joshua Lückers, is getting lots of daily downloads from the WordPress plugin directory.

Many thanks to all these guys for their enthusiasm and efforts on this, great work!

To see a full list of modules and plugins for Mibbit check the wiki;

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