I’ve had enough

OK, this will be a short one.

I simply cannot understand the mentality of someone who would think “Hey lets use the backspace key to mean ‘go back’ in a browser”.

Maybe that’s ok if you don’t have any forms on your website, and maybe that’s ok if nothing bad happens when you leave the page. But if it’s a webapp, that simple act of going back might be a right pain in the neck.

The choice of ‘backspace’ to mean back is an absolutely terrible one. It’s like choosing “space” to mean put your computer to sleep if your desktop happens to have the focus.

Anyway, the long and short of it is, backspace as “back” no longer works on mibbit. You need not walk on eggshells quite so much now. Don’t need to check the text entry field *really* has focus quite so much now.

Of course your browsers back button works, it’s just if you press backspace when not focussed on an input element, it will be captured by mibbit Minions, trapped in an envelope, and sent along with some random rubbish to the idiot who decided backspace as ‘back’ in browsers was a good idea.

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