Choosing an IRC network

If you’re thinking about setting up a chat widget for your site it’s very easy to do quickly (see here :-) ).   Besides the techie bit you’ll need to choose an IRC network for your chat to connect to, if that’s something you’ve considered before or maybe you’re just thinking about options for the future this blog entry lists a few handy links and resources.

We’re often being asked which network to use and there’s no need for this to be a tricky issue, it is important for you to get the right network because many are tailored to specific communities and their rules and operators reflect this, they may even have additional tools or bots which can help you with a specific requirement.  There are some great networks out there and several resources available to search for networks to try – use either, and or use Mibbits own listing at

Mibbit has it’s own network and this is default if no parameters are used.  To use a specific network, one of the main networks, or a new and upcoming net we do provide connectivity to many of the thousands out there already to give you the flexibility you need.  If you’re an experienced IRC admin and you’re setting up your own server we can connect to that too, just tell us the details and we will setup a connection from our side.  If your channel is already on another network just find the server details and test the connection, it’s likely that Mibbit already has connection, if not you can put in a request.

Mibbit will never be an anonymizer and always provides ways to identify a chatters IP address to a network.  The best way to strengthen security is by using WebIRC to pass connection details securely between Mibbit and the IRC network, this is beneficial for both you and the network in managing bans and so on.  To learn more about how to do this check the Wiki.

Lastly, if you’re already setup but need to change IRC server it’s as simple as editing the URI parameters!  If your channel moves servers or is mirrored on another network or irc server with better performance just change the entry using the widget manager!  Simple as that.

We have several new networks joining Mibbit each week, so keep a look out for new ones are listed here!

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