Nickname newb – how to change nicks on Mibbit!

Did you know you can get your nickserv password reset quickly?  Or maybe you want to lock-down your nickname so nobody else uses it.  It’s part of the way IRC works that nicknames are available to anyone who uses the /nick command, but if you follow this tip, you can register and protect a nickname on Mibbit for use only by you and keep using it no matter what.

Here’s how:  join a Mibbit channel like this one and change your nickname to the one you want by using the “/nick” command in the chat line entry box.  Next, register the nickname with nickserv and enter the confirmation code: to do this type “/msg nickserv register <password> <email>” where <password> is one you choose and <email> is an address you own.  Providing the nick isn’t already registered nickserv will send you an e-mail confirmation code,  take this code and go back to Mibbit to type:  “/msg nickserv confirm <confirmation code>”.

Your nick is now registered to you!  Here’s the full Wiki on this! Now each time you come back to Mibbit you can use /nick <name> to change to your preferred nick and /msg identify <password> (using the password you chose) and your nick will be passed back to you.   Don’t fancy the long commands?  Setup a Mibbit account and tell Mibbit to remember your nick (see figure below).  You can even log in to Twitter to read & tweet whilst chatting.

Picture 20

For the Jedi out there the nickserv command can hide your e-mail (“/msg nickserv set hide email on”) and can also force impersonators to get off your nick quickly (“/ns set kill quick”).  Check the Wiki article here for more info.

Nicks work in a similar way on other IRC networks, Mibbit does not admin other networks – you need to contact them to do this.  Finally, to reset a nickserv password follow this!

Happy chatting Mibbitians!

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