I can speak Russian!!!

… and french, etc etc

Mibbit can now do auto language translation :)
First off, a note about privacy. The translation is done via a google service API. It is obviously done anonymously, and all they see is your actual chat. Not who you are or anything. But if you don’t want google to see your chat, don’t use the translation service.

Now to the fun :)
Translation is disabled by default.

If someone starts talking in some weird language, you can do the following:
/translatethem english

This will translate all incoming chat ON THAT CHANNEL ONLY, into english. It will auto detect what language it thinks it is in.
If you’d like to speak in french, then just do:
/translateme french

Here are the languages you can use:
english, chinese, chinese_simplified, chinese_traditional, arabic, french, german, italian, japanese, korean, portugese, russian, spanish, dutch

It’s not perfect, but it’s great fun :) And allows you to chat to anyone you like!
To disable the translation, simply do
This will disable all translation

You can also obviously use this via the bitlbee IM server so you can do translation on IM as well :)

Try it out now http://www.mibbit.com

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