Widget connects to any server

It’s here! You can now have the widget connect to any IRC server. The caveat is that if the server/channel is not in the ‘authorized’ list, the connect will not be automatic.

This means that the user will be prompted for a nickname, and will need to click on ‘connect’.

If you wish to have an automatically joined channel, we’d still recommend setting up a channel on irc.mibbit.com

There is also a new parameter you can pass to the widget, forcePrompt=true will mean that even if the server/channel is in the authorized list, it will prompt the user for a nickname. This is a good way to prevent the default mib_876234 etc if you’d like to do it that way.

There were a couple of fixes on the backend. Also the way userLists are done was changed. What this means is that in the widget you can do /ulshow and /ulhide if you want to view the users in the channel if the user list is hidden by default.

Quite a few new servers on board… The channel search also now returns max of 100 channels, sorted by number of users in the channel.

Also if you /whois someone who is using the widget, it will show up in the whois info.

Hope this all makes sense, and hopefuly you will use the widget to connect to whatever servers you like. If you are expecting a lot of traffic though please check with me to see what current limits are for that server.

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