A few updates

* You can now specify encoding. At the moment it is not auto detect on receive, and at the moment the only other charset supported is iso-8859-1

For receiving:
/rcharset iso-8859-1
/rcharset utf8
For sending:
/scharset iso-8859-1
/scharset utf8

This is per channel/window at the moment. Please still use utf8 unless you really *need* :)

You may start to notice some adverts showing up on the Infobar above chat. In the future these will be related to the current topics of chat going on in each channel. Please note this is all done by Mibbit – nothing is shared with anyone else, your privacy is guaranteed. Please do checkout these adverts. They will hopefully pay the server bills :)

Typing notify works again :) There were also a few bug fixes in the backend related to a glitch last week.

Also some work on new features that aren’t quite ready yet.

Nice to see the widget being used on more sites since it’s been opened up!

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