Google I/O

In less than 12 weeks developers will parachute into the Moscone Center, San Francisco, for the annual Google event held specifically for its software developer community.  The audience is likely to reach 4,000 as many attend sessions around themes including Android, Chrome browser, App Engine and Maps.  It’s a testament to the sustained progress Google has made with its developer community that this event is proving such a big draw, further evidence is found in the number of companies using Google products today.

Atending to show their innovation are companies like as Jetbrains from Prague (who have a smart sounding set of IDEs) and Atlassian (cool JIRA Studio tool) both of whom use Google products to help build their applications.  Yahoo! whom one might not expect to align themselves quite so much with the search giant, is also attending, they’ve worked hard to integrate numerous open Google APIs and feeds within the Yahoo! Query Language.  All this happening in the Developer Sandbox, the demo area for selected companies, large and small, who built applications based on technologies and products featured at I/O.

Mibbit is in the Sandbox for the two day show, we’ll be showcasing our funky features and showing how they link into Google products, how we did what we did and why we’re confident it’s a great combination.  We’re also planning to announce a couple of new relevant additions nearer time too.

If you’re going or planning to go we’d be happy to hear from you, we’re looking forward to seeing speakers Vic Gundotra, panelist Paul Graham and Matthew Papakipos of Chrome fame.  Looks to be a great event!  More on this as we get closer to the date.

Choop :)

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