4 ways to share your Mibbit chat channel details

Usage of our Twitter feature has started to grow recently which is exciting, it’s straight forward to send Tweets from Mibbit now.  

As usage has grown we’ve noticed some people want to share channel connection details with friends by sending a message on Twitter or other networks.  To help with this we thought it would be useful to list out four handy ways to do it.

1. Send a Quicklink

Just add the channel name to http://mibbit.com like this;


Be sure to use a hash character before the channel name.  If you’re using the irc.mibbit.net servers this is the easiest way to share the address for a meet up on Mibbit.

2. Link to server and channel


If you click the ‘addthis’ bar this is the link format you’ll be given. Notice you can specify the IRC network you need if you know it, and also note the channel hash character needs to be escaped as %23. The example above links to Twit.tv chat.

3. IRC handler


Similar to 1. but without the ‘#’ character, this works best for users with Firefox 3.5 or higher where Mibbit is enabled as the IRC handler.

4. Use the widget


If you’re feeling adventurous why not put your chat in a widget.  You can link to a channel using the format above (this one is for Cnet Watchbol) or create yourself a widget account and get the chat working the way you want it to by customising the look and feel.

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