SSL IRC connections

Just pushed out some new features that should make some peoples life easier.

Please once again, accept my apologies when the backend restarts. I try to do this at quiet times, and only once or twice a week. On the minus side, you have to reconnect. On the plus side, you get new features :)

* If the IRC server is setup for WEBIRC, the ident is no longer set to the users IP in hex. This means if you are connecting to a WEBIRC enabled server, and have a cloak setup there, people can’t see your IP.

* You can now choose to see extra information on joins/parts. This includes the hostmark, (mibbit/widget), and the device (ipod/iphone/wii). Just set the options in Prefs, or pass these into the widget URL. This is disabled as default (I *think* most people won’t be interested).

* You can connect to SSL IRC servers :) Please note you need to find a server that supports SSL, and make sure you are connecting on the correct port for SSL. The way to signify Mibbit should use SSL, is to simply prefix the port with a ‘+’. For example

* Mibbit now replies to ctcp pings. A small one, but good to know :/

* /whowas replies are parsed and show up nicely on the currently active tab for that server.

Enjoy :)

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