Latest updates

Here are some new features:

* Channel search works a little better. Now the server name is searched as well. So you can search for “freenode”, and all the channels on freenode will be returned.
* Channel search now has pagination. When you do a search, you can now page next and back etc.
* Text links and channel links color can now be set with prefs.
* Fixed a bug related to people trying to login before the page had properly loaded.
* First (beta) version of PM logging is live.

Some notes about the logging – This is disabled by default for now. If you’d like to enable it, just go into your prefs, and click on “Log my PMs”. It will take effect the *next* server you connect to. Please rest assured that your logs are completely safe and confidential. If you wish to remove one of them you can click on ‘delete’ from [Logs].

We also have WEBIRC setup with rizon and a few other new servers on board which is great :)

We also now have a ‘language’ setting in prefs, which can also be passed in via the widget. The available options so far are ‘en’ (English), and ‘fr’ (French). We will be adding to this during the week :) This setting effects most of the messages, menus, etc.

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