This weeks updates

* There is a new system for settings in widgets. You may pass the param settings= and it’ll load the settings from a Mibbit account. To find out this ID, simply go into [prefs] and it’ll be shown at the top. Please note there is currently a bug that means it will not be shown right after a register. So if you register a new account, click reload, *then* go into prefs.

If you change any prefs in the Mibbit account obviously these will be used the next time your widget gets loaded.

* Banning… If Mibbit has the information, you’ll get 2 new user menu options – ban the user, and ban the host. It will have this info if the user arrived after you, or if you have done a WhoIS on the user on that server. Later on the info will also be shared so that you should get info for all users.

* New infrastructure for a [My account] tab. This will contain private things, like email, account settings, etc

* On channel search results, if we have the info, get to see which channels are actually busy. If there are Mibbitians on the channel, we will also include info such as (6 users, 2 chatting). A user is defined as chatting if they said something in the last 10 minutes. Note also they can be any client, not just mibbit users.

* Known tor exit nodes are now blocked from Mibbit due to abuse.

Mibbit continues to grow well, 4 million lines of chat handled daily now.

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