OnJoin – How to auto-execute commands upon joining a channel

We’ve added the capability to have Mibbit automatically execute commands when you join a channel.  This means means that where you set this feature your specific commands will be run whether it’s a channel you connect to automatically or just one you visit once in a while.

We did this because we had some very positive responses to the recent reintroduction of the /translate commands but for most it was a case of only needing to set translation once at the start of the session.  For now the OnJoin feature is for the main client only and not the Widget.

To use OnJoin you’ll need to add special aliases to your account preferences, this tells Mibbit to remember to run the command for you each time.  Here’s the format to use;

>network>#channel /<command>

For example, on joining the Brazilian channel #insidernews you could set translation to be another language.  You would do this by adding the alias;

>Mibbit>#insidernews    /translatethem spanish

InsiderNews uses the Mibbit IRC network.  Of course if your channel is on a different network just replace >Mibbit> with the irc server detail as it is in the tab for your channel, so for the #trivial channel on DAL.net the alias would need to be;

>irc.dal.net>#trivial     /translatethem spanish

To navigate to Aliases just logon to Mibbit, load your Prefs and select the tab as in the screen shot below.

The new OnJoin command isn’t just limited to setting translation – any valid command can be used.  This means it’s very possible to setup your Mibbit account much more to the way you want to use it.  Whether it’s showing a URL each time you join, joining a group of channels one after the other or even ignoring a specific nick each time you join – if that’s what you need – OnJoin can remember it for you.

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