Weekly updates

This is quite a big one…

* There is now an [account] tab. This is where you store login details for your IRC servers. Also there will be things such as email address, and account type settings here.
The IRC server settings you put in here will be used for any connections, such as clicking on search results, or any auto-connects you have setup in [channels].
Note that the default AuthType has been set to NickServ. You may need to change this to PASS for some of your servers.

* Channels – The server login details have gone from here, moved to [account]. You can also now list a server more than once, so you can have a few favorite groups of channels on a server, and just click [connect] to join that group of channels.

* Load a skin – in Prefs, you can now load a skin. If you know the ID, just click on [load skin] at the bottom, and input the ID. Tweak it, and save. For example, try the ID 40d4f6c76550fbd0daaf419a85b2e1e6 which is a plain blue theme I just made.

* /who output shows nicer now

* Widgets can now join multiple channels. Separate with a comma.

* You can now set things like tab colors, background, etc. Lots more customization.

* You can get the widget to ask for a password (NickServ auth only at the moment). &promptPass=true

* gzip is now supported. This means that instead of loading 200k of javascript, you only have to load 40k. Loading should be even faster.

As this is quite a big release, there may be bugs. If so, please email or submit a bug in the bug tracker at bugs.mibbit.com

Here’s an example widget skin :) http://embed.mibbit.com/?settings=40d4f6c76550fbd0daaf419a85b2e1e6

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