Wednesday 21st update

There’s a few new features this week:

* Parsing of irc:// done. The channel prefix is optional, # is assumed if not given. Any settings you have in [account] will be used when you click.
* Better handling of server error messages – They will now show in the [Disconnected] alert box, and also be logged in the backend, so that any issues with particular servers can be analysed and fixed where possible.
* Better handling of MODE messages – No more ‘invalid mode’ etc in the server tab, these will be passed onto the correct channel, and if not understood by mibbit, will be shown as they are.
* More preparation and testing of the backend for channel logging.
* Preparation for specifying charset for each server.
* Large amount of preparation of the backend for other protocols – Most likely yahoo chatrooms and Jabber to start with.
* Started on a dedicated iPhone/iPod version of the site, with things tweaked and optimized for smaller displays. (Not live yet).
* Support for PREFIX message from server – nonstandard prefixes now work as they should (If you were seeing nicks with a ! at the start, this most likely fixes it).
* Support for NAMESX – Now when you join a channel, if the server supports NAMESX, you’ll see *all* prefixes (eg op and voice) instead of just the higher.
* Support for UHNAMES – If the server supports it, when you join a channel you’ll have the host information and so will be able to ban anyone without having to whois them.

We just passed 10,000 registered users, and now handle 5million lines of chat a day. Please don’t forget to set your email address in your [account] tab, as this will be useful and important as new features are added.

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