There’s a new release of mibbit today. A few feature updates, and a whole new protocol.

You can now choose to not have confirmation popups when you close server tabs. You’ll find this in prefs.
You can also disable incomming PMs from prefs, if they annoy you. At the moment this is a global option. Of course you may wish to disable this in the widget also.
Channel modes [k l e I] should be shown better now (With their argument)
You can now set the border color for each tab individually.
NickServ is now default instead of Pass for authentication.

Quick guide to Yahoo
Firstly, fill in your account details in the [account] tab. You can also check [auto connect] to have Mibbit log you in automatically.
You’ll get a [Y!] tab, which lists your buddies. You can double click on one, or click and select [pm] to PM any of them.
This is a first alpha version of yahoo support, so please do let me know if something is not working for you. Don’t worry *too* much about the info in the [Y!] tab, these are raw packets used for debugging.

There have been quite a few new servers come on board which is always nice :)

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9 thoughts on “Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  1. why doesn’t mibbit stay connected for a few minutes so that if I have to restart my browser I can resume my session?

    seems like something that I would have made part of the original design if it were me.

  2. Can your admins kindly consider removing the user +R mode?

    It is not user friendly at all. It would be better to not have the mode set by default, and let user decide on their own whether or not they want to receive private messages from unregistered nicks.

    I’m wanting to use the widget on my website, but at the same time I do not want to use a server that is going to require my users to learn how to use nickserv. I want IRC to be transparent as possible, which mibbit itself does a pretty good job of doing.

  3. Corey: +R has been removed. It was added after some spam abuse. I agree about it not being user friendly, and your other points.
    You can now disable incomming PMs in user prefs which is one step. Later on I may add an option to disable incomming PMs from unregistered users, and then maybe [friends] in which you can list people you know etc.

  4. I would really prefer it if you are able to rejoin a channel in the same tab if you’re kicked, it’s a pain having to close and reopen the tab (especially as it clears your backlog). This is because there are many servers that the ops on channels kick on a whim.

  5. behe: yup. I can see the need for this. I will try and get that into the next release. I will most likely add a link to the [kick] line in the chat output, saying [Rejoin]. I think this would make it easiest for people. Probably be an equivalent command if you prefer typing also.

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