DCC File Receive, more customization

Here’s a few new things Mibbit does:
* You can now see ctcp things. You can send ctcp with the /ctcp command. For example /ctcp mibbit VERSION
* You can now receive files! A link will show up, and you can just click to save it. Note there is a 2Mb filesize limit, or 10 minutes download time. You cannot send files yet.
* New prefs mean that you can get rid of the nick column, and have them inline (See pic). Good for widgets etc where there isn’t much space. (chatOutputShowNicks=false)
* You can now have a red marker that appears to let you know what has been said since you were last on the tab. (Enabled by default)
* Added a few prefs like nick vertical align, the color of the vertical lines in the chat output.

Oh also, apache is on its own server now, so the irc server should not crash any more! ;)
Enjoy :)

edit: Sorry, the dcc has a security certificate issue so you might get a warning. It’ll be fixed in the next update.

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