Some updates for you

* DCC security certificate issue fixed, it now goes to instead of so you will not get a warning from your browser.
* ident fix (Wasn’t adding a newline which meant some networks didn’t accept the ident properly).
* You will no longer see “Mibbit doesn’t know this command etc”. It’ll send it as raw to the server now. So you can do things like /gline etc etc
* You can now ask for random digits in nicknames in the widget. Use a ? which should be encoded as %3f. eg nick=mynet_%3F%3F%3F%3F
* Fixed an issue with closing a channel tab after you’d been kicked.
* You can now specify the format of small nicks output. Default is “<nick>: ” but you can set that up how you wish. (See prefs)

There’s also a change to how widgets work. If a prompt is required, communications will not be started with the server until a nickname is given. This conserves bandwidth a little, but will also result in the stats being more representative of real users using Mibbit (Up until now it included users viewing a widget asking for a nickname). So don’t be surprised by the stats being a bit lower :)

Also channel logging backend is enabled, but there is no way to view those logs yet. Feel free to enable channel logging in your prefs – this will help with testing and storage provisioning. Later on you’ll be able to view logs and search etc.

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