Channel logs and better connection

* Instead of trying 1 IP at random for an IRC connection, Mibbit will now try all IPs, one by one. Note that this may make it take longer to get back to you about if it connected ok or not, but auto-retry makes it easier for the user.
This works on 2 levels. Firstly if the connection fails (Connection refused, timeout), but also if the server replies with an ERROR before login. At the end of it’s attempts if everything failed, it’ll show you those errors. If it says ‘unknown’ for the error, that means the connection failed or was closed immediately.

* Channel logging is up and running. The data gathered since the last release is backed up and will be imported shortly. There is a slightly better interface to the [My logs] tab.

* Some cosmetic improvements to some buttons etc

* Start of an account type level (You should see in [Account] a field ‘accounttype’).

* In the widget, if the embed channel is off case wise, this should be handled gracefuly now.

* A few fixes on the backend. These should make loading mibbit faster, and cut down bandwidth.

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