Weeks updates

* Quakenet auth is done now. Just select [auth] as the auth method, and enter your password.
* A /whois on Quakenet will now show if someone is identified or not.
* You can now use nicks as targets to open PMs. For example, in a list of channels, add a nick in there to open a PM window with them. So maybe you always chat to the same person, or like having a PM tab open to ChanServ or some bot, just enter it, and it shall be opened.
* You can also use nicks as targets in the widget, which allows users an easy way to PM you from your website.
* Vastly improved irc url parsing for firefox handling. The url now does everything chatzilla does, apart from msg which will be added later on.
* Fixed a couple of issues that caused lots of users to be kicked off the last few days. Sorry about those.
* Yahoo messenger PMs and Chats are now logged if you enable PM/Channel logging in your prefs
* Some speed ups – you might notice loading logs takes a lot less time for example.

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