File uploads

You can now share files directly with Mibbit!
You must be logged into Mibbit to use this feature, then within a channel or PM window, just click on “upload file”.

Then choose a file to share (image, data, code, text file etc), and click on upload. You’ll see a progress bar show, then it’ll go back to the chat input screen.
You’ll see the newly created URL already pasted in the chat input bar, just like the pastebin does.
There is a limit of 2Mb per file at the moment, we’ll see how this goes.

You might also spot some changes with the adverts. They should now start to be slightly more relevant and interesting to you. Please note that your privacy is completely guaranteed. The adverts are matched on the fly, internally. None of your chat is copied/stored/sent anywhere.

With the file uploads, please note the file extension is copied, so if you share an image, it’ll auto-thumbnail. The mime-type is not honoured at the moment though, so if you click to download, your browser may just try to display the file… in this case, right click on the link and choose “save as”.

This is quite a big change, so there may be a few teething problems. If so, please post here, or pop into the help channel, or open a bug at

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