session-resume feature and server upgrades

We have a new feature in place on the Mibbit Widget. It’s called session-resume, and means that when the widget is closed, and then opened again within 30 seconds, it will recognize, and reconnect you to your previous session.

This should be particularly useful on websites where you have many pages, but want a chat to be persistent across all pages.

The session-resume feature is now enabled as default. If you wish to disable it, you can add sessiontimeout=0 to your widget URL. If you’d like to change the timeout from 30 seconds, you can add sessiontimeout=10 to set it to 10 seconds. The maximum is 30 seconds.

When a session is resumed, you will be joined to any channels you had open at the time you closed the widget/reloaded it.

If you want to force the widget to start a new session, simply wait 30 seconds after you close the widget, before opening it again.

We’ve also added a close button to the first channel tab on the widget, which you can use to disconnect from the server. It will ask for confirmation. (If you have noServerTab=false then you will already have a closer on the server tab).

Another thing we’ve been working on is server infrastructure. We’re increasing capacity to cope with growth, and we’ve patched a kernel level bug which caused a couple of server crashes last week. (Sorry if you were kicked out of chat).

We’re gearing up development and hope to have some big announcements in the next few weeks :)

Thanks for using Mibbit!

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