Mibbit gets new desktop notifications.

The Mibbit main client has been updated with support for Desktop Notifications included in WebKit related browsers.

One of the first browsers to implement this feature, Google Chrome, provides support across Windows and Mac.

If you’re not familiar with Desktop Notifications it’s simply a better way of alerting a user to new content than say window.alert, extensions or other intrusive hacks.  It provides a uniform method to show ‘toasts’ helping the user decide whether to check another browser window.  It’s great for e-mail and calendars and now, great for Mibbit so you won’t miss out on what’s happening.

To enable notifications now login to Mibbit, go to ‘Prefs’, ‘General’ and tick ‘Show desktop notifications (Webkit)’ before saving your settings.

Once saved this prompts your browser to ask your permission, turning it on for Mibbit backend hosts, this may happen more than once as new backends are used.  Chrome specific settings can be changed too, see here for an example.

Don’t want it on sometimes?  Uncheck in prefs for all channels or you can turn it on or off in each channel or PM tab using the commands: ‘/notify on’ and ‘/notify off’. Simples!
We’re looking forward to it coming to more browsers soon.  :)

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