Some UI updates

Been doing a little tidy up, and in the process added a few options here and there.
At the moment, these changes are only present in the main client (, and not in the iPhone/iPod version, or widget. Those will be updated soon.

  • You can now set tabs to hide close buttons when not active. This is the default. Some people are clumsy and might click the X instead of the tab. You can however set it back to how it was in prefs if you like being able to close tabs that aren’t active. 

  • You can now set channel tabs to show the number of users in the channel. This is also default, but can be disabled within prefs.
  • Can also change the size of the icon and mode icons. This is in preparation for making them customizable. Of course it’s also useful to be able to scale the current ones also.
  • Yahoo messenger tab now shows the number of buddies online in the tab.
  • You can now hide the ‘icon’ in the userlist – blue/green jumper/device icon.
  • You can now show a single combined mode icon which shows the best mode the user has.
  • If you’re showing a single combined mode icon, you can opt to have it shown on the left. 

Some of these changes will be especially useful for the mobile/widget versions where space is limited. Those 2 versions should be updated very soon.

The other big change is in the [prefs]. Everything has been re-ordered and preferences should be in a more logical order.

I’ve also done a bit of tweaking with the network settings, which means that failed connections should fail faster. For example, a connection which took 3 minutes before failing now takes 45 seconds. While that’s still a long time to wait just to be told “Sorry, didn’t work”, It’s a step in the right direction.

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