Custom icons

You can now have custom icons…
These include mode icons, (Set them to an image of the IRC characters if you like (&@! etc).
Also you can now do custom smileys. Just browse over to the [prefs] tab, and click on [smileys].
To save you typing, (and bandwidth/storage etc), you can set a base URL for the smileys.
You can also set width and height, or leave them blank and the image will show in its original size. (Couple of caveats to that depending on browser at the moment…)

Then just put in codes, and image urls. You can use any text, so for example if I wanted a widget client that showed each mention of ‘mibbit’ as the logo, I could do that.

At the moment there are 20 smileys available. If you’re not using one, set both fields to blank. I’ll have a way to add/remove soon.
The smileys will also be shown in the [smileys] chooser in the input bar. Bear in mind though that when they show there, their size is set to 19×19 and isn’t changable.
As usual, if you click on a smiley, it’ll toggle between image and text, so for instance if you clicked on the frog in the output here, it’d toggle to showing ‘mibbit rocks’ again.



Soon there should be some preset ‘smiley sets’ hosted on mibbit. These will probably appear as a dropdown in the [Smileys] tab, and will set them all up for you…

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