More features, more fixes…

* The auto-scroll functionality has been improved. Now, if the scrollbar is near the bottom (Within a line of text height), it’ll stay, and go to the bottom when new lines are added. This fixes some weird issues that occur in IE sometimes…
* You can now use /removechat in a channel if you are op or above. This will remove the chat from everyone using mibbit’s display for that nickname.
* The pastebin should now work fine in IE. It now uses a better method, which will enable us to add syntax highlighting, line numbering etc
* You won’t see “Really sorry, you disconnected etc etc” alerts any more. What happens now, is a line is added to each output saying you disconnected. You’ll get a new session, and any auto-connects will start. Note that the tabs you had open before will be re-used if you reconnect – either manually or with auto-connects. So if you set up your auto-connects, and loose wifi, or put your computer to sleep, you won’t have the irritation of a popup, and will be able to read any channels/pms you haven’t seen etc.
* You’ll now see a typing notify icon in PMs if you’re both using mibbit.

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