Alias this!!!

Mibbit can now do aliases. Sorry this took so long, I’m not quite sure why it did, but there you go…

To setup your aliases, go to [prefs]->[aliases]

Here’s how it works…

MATCH – This is the first word on the line, that we’re matching against. It can start with / but doesn’t have to.

COMMAND – This is what you want to do if the alias matches.

Bear in mind that the first match will trigger, so if you have duplicate matches, only the first will be used. The match is also case insensitive.

Here’s what you can have in COMMAND:

  • | – Separate multiple commands
  • /say – Say something on the current channel
  • # – The current channel
  • $me – Your current nickname
  • $N – (Where N is a number) – replace this with the Nth word from the input
  • $$N – Same as above, but only ignore this command if there isn’t such a word, instead of the whole alias.
  • $N-M – replace this with the words from N to M
  • $N- – replace this with all words from N onwards
  • $+ – suppress the space between words… eg “He $+ llo” = “Hello”

You can have a .,!? after $me, and you can have a # before any of the $N commands.

Lets write a couple of quick examples…

/hug /me hugs $1 tightly.

Now if you write “/hug jenny”, you’ll see:

* yournick hugs jenny tightly.

What’s kinda cool is that you can use aliases from within aliases…

/multihug /say I need a hug :( | /hug $$1 | /hug $$2 | /hug $$3 | /say phew! That felt good. I’m glad I’m in # and not in #nohugs!

Now write “/multihug jenny cloe” you’ll see:

mynick: I need a hug :(

* mynick hugs jenny tightly.

* mynick hugs cloe tightly.

: phew! That felt good. I’m glad I’m in #mychannel and not in #nohugs!

Because these are saved in the prefs, you can obviously setup some aliases for your widget if you like, and have them available for your users.

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