Few updates and fixes

There are a few updates and fixes.
Firstly sorry for the few known bugs that are about, like translation being broken in the widget. They will all get sorted soon enough though.
The main client has been updated:
* Translation working
* Things working better in IE – layout wise etc
* Quite a few icons are now included within the javascript as data urls. This may well improve loading speed.
* Tab complete on nicks now works if you’re not at the end of the input bar
* You can now choose where the ‘extraContent’ area goes – left, middle, or right
* Google maps links can now be parsed and shown in the extraContent area

* Links can now be set to open in the extraContent area (Default is disabled)

* /showurl – This will open the extraContent area locally… You can do this in a channel tab, pm tab, or even the server tab. Useful if you want to check some link, or for testing etc :)

You may also notice in the screengrabs that the adbar shows the channels topic, and no adverts. This will be available for the premium account option a little later.

Hit a couple of milestones, with a daily peak of around 400 users connected from mibbit to freenode, and almost hit 3,000 total peak users today – should hit that later in the week.

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