New look mibbit main client

We’ve made a few changes to the Mibbit client, just tweaks here and there to the default settings.

We’ve also made some improvements that should mean the client loads a little quicker for you.

There’s a couple of new features / options for you to play with…

  • Tab complete sort – When you use tab to tab complete a nickname, it now defaults to sorting by the last time the nickname said anything on that channel. That means if you’re talking with someone, you should be able to tab complete their name. You can also set the sort to alphabetical in prefs – [Chat Input] -> Tab complete sort
  • User defined input menus – The space where we usually have [ smilies | colors | translation etc ] can now hold any user defined menus you’d like to have. To set these up see [Chat Input] -> User Menus. If this is empty, it’ll use the defaults. If you want to setup your own, then add them. If you want to start with the defaults then add some more, click on [load defaults] first. The command can be any usual Mibbit command.

We hope you like these updates. You could for example have a menu item called “Say blurb about mibbit” -> “/say Mibbit is awesome | /say Mibbit is cool! | /say I $? mibbit”

If you’re sort of fond of the old color scheme, click on [prefs] -> skins, and load up the old default skin. You’ll also have to change back the default tab colors as shown in this image:

We should have some more main client updates coming shortly for you. Thanks for using Mibbit! :)

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