How to get noticed

Sorry if you’re waiting on a reply to email. There is a bit of a backlog unfortunately.
You can always catch me around on in #help nickname mibbit, so if you’re waiting on something, firstly my apologies, and secondly, feel free to pop in and you may be able to catch me in person.

There are some good updates on the way, and I’m starting to plan an awesome plugin script system which will allow you to write “plugins” for mibbit, such as games, whiteboards, collaborative tools etc. These will sit in the extraContent area where you already see google maps/youtube etc. Most likely be javascript inside an iframe with a stub mibbit API for receiving and sending data, getting a room list, etc.
For example, you could have a trivia channel which has an associated mibbit plugin which has extra functionality or shows the latest scores etc.

Having an open API plugin system is something I’ve been planning for quite a while now.

Also thinking of adding remotes for irc scripting in the next day or 2 :)

Please bear with Mibbit, and sorry if you haven’t had a reply to email…
hopefuly you can see the vision that I have for it! Webchat and IRC have been neglected for too long.

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