Hardware issue: affecting logins

We’re currently investigating a hardware issue which may mean that you’re unable to log in at the moment.

Chat and Widgets are responding and IRC nicknames can still be identified to and registered.

For chat – if you’re unable to connect please use https://chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.mibbit.net&channel=%23chat click ‘Go’ and join your channel(s) from there.

We’re working on the issue and will bring updates to you as we have them via this blog and @mibbitstatus.

Update: services working, login and search.mibbit operational, main client logs currently down for maintenance.




Connect to IM from Mibbit

We’re experimenting with http:/bitlBee.org/ server.

BitlBee is an IRC to Instant Messaging gateway server which can connect you with your IM accounts on Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other services like Twitter.  For people who communicate much of the time in IRC but miss having IM available from the same window this can be useful.

Connecting to bitlBee is easy because it looks like any other IRCd server.  You can try it here.  It’s a free service with several publicly available servers, at Mibbit we’ve installed one here for you to use.

Here’s how it looks in Mibbit – a new server tab and channel (&bitlbee):

BitlBee connection

If you’re interested in giving it a go here’s a handy guide:  http://wiki.mibbit.com/index.php/Bitlbee

And don’t forget to see the folks at http://bitlbee.org where you can also setup a bitlBee server of your own.

If you used to use Meebo messenger or other clients you might find bitlBee a handy alternative.  Some people have used bitlBee with Mibbit in the past very well but we’ve not had our own server before.  We will keep it running and depending on how it gets used will think about whether to make it a more permanent feature for Mibbit.


Widget Manager updates

The Mibbit Widget Manager, used for creating and managing Mibbit Widgets, has had a couple of updates recently:

  • it defaults to using https://
  • password recovery is updated to use a secure recovery token
  • sticky config’d channel – your chosen channel now remains so you don’t have to re-enter it
Widget screenshot

Mibbit Widget

As always you can choose from a standard free chat widget or opt for an upgraded premium widget from $9.99* with all adverts removed.

Setup your widget here.


* price per month, for full details see https://widgetmanager.mibbit.com/index.php?view=premium

Using command aliases

Mibbit supports using aliases to replace a command with another string, mostly this is a handy way to abbreviate a command or to add arguments to a frequently used command.  This is great for saving time or remembering commonly used phrases and the settings for these are stored in your Mibbit preferences.

Creating aliases.

Aliases are created by storing a pair of strings in Preferences, a “match” and a corresponding “command”.
For example entering the match /think with the command /me thinks $1 would result in the entry to chat of “/think okay” being replaced with “sally thinks okay.

Editing aliases is a case of loading your account Preferences and editing entries under the ’Alias’ tab:

In this example the alias  has been extended so that all of the words after /think are used in the replacement (using $1- in the Command).

In chat it would look like this:




Default aliases.

A whole set of useful aliases are stored in your account by default making it easier to use the client.  These are found at: http://wiki.mibbit.com/index.php/Alias along with more information about how to use them.

Aliases can be hugely powerful when used with conventional IRC commands to carry out messaging and operator actions.  In the Main Client these commands can also be executed when a match occurs on joining a channel.  For example, the pair: >mibbit>#french and /translatethem english would mean every time Sally joins the #french channel her translation setting is changed to receive in English.


More information can be found in: http://wiki.mibbit.com/index.php/Alias and http://wiki.mibbit.com/index.php/Alias/Examples


Widget system updates and fixes

Hello!  \o.      As tweeted earlier the SSL Widget with https:// is back after a short ( < 24hr ) outage due to issues with our load-balancer.  Thanks for sticking with us.

We’ve been working on a significant project to deliver improvements to load times and resilience, parts of the work have relied on other services which haven’t performed as expected and this has led to several periods where users might have had to reconnect to the Widget.

We’ve now reached point where new fixes and better code for fail over is in place and these improvements will serve to improve the Widget experience, these can be summarised as;

  • settings (prefs) load direct from our Amazon S3 making the widget faster/better/smoother to load and use
  • a new system updates and shares widget settings every minute down from every 15 (no more waiting for cache to complete)
  • session resume and autoConnect now work better across browsers
  • bugfix for non-set time zone / country on join is in place
  • fixed an issue where invalid characters in URL cause loading to freeze or take a long time, this was occurring if an incorrect &settingsID= was used. ( a 5 second timeout is now in place )

Thank you to everyone who has helped highlight issues and show where improvements could be made, appreciate the input.

Widget load-balancing will be changing again so that a single domain identifier is shown to non-iframe users. As this happens we will give more info about the change.

Delivering improvement for the Widget is intended to make a better experience for everyone who uses Mibbit and IRC, going forward we intend to bring similar benefits to the Main Chat client and the way it loads, load-balances and performs.

Thanks for listening!


How to save and reconnect to channels

When search is not enough and you want to have your Mibbit client remember the channels you connect to you can setup details in your Account / Channels tabs and Mibbit will even auto-connect for you.

To do this log onto Mibbit and click “Channels”  (signup free if you don’t have an account):

Next, add the entry(s) and save changes, simple as that.  You need to know the network name (irc Server address) and the channel (usually begins with ‘#’).  Separate more than one channel using a comma.

This is all assuming you identify your nickname manually, if you want it Mibbit can automatically identify on your behalf.  To do this use the “Accounts” tab:


“Save changes” to finish. Now you’re all set.  Each time you Log-In Mibbit will auto-identify and automatically connect to your channels. :)

Setup your Widget for better nick names.

Most connections to Mibbit are provided with a random nickname on connect, usually beginning “mib_…”.  On the Main Client setting up an account and registered nick resolves this for you, but on the Widget connections are left as ‘mib_’ unless changed.

This however is very easy to change so your Widget provides all new chatters with  nicknames more relevant to your chat.  It’s simple, just use the &nick= parameter.

For example adding &nick=Guest?? to your URI / <iframe> code turns a random nick into something easier on the eye:






Best practice is to escape the ‘?’ question mark by using %3F instead, so it becomes &nick=Guest%3F%3F

Many more URI parameters are in this Wiki doc here, and don’t forget, showing the nick in the Input Bar is easy too.