Mibbit announces support for Google docs viewer.

On Thursday, Mibbit announced support for the Google Docs Viewer making it available immediately in both the Mibbit main client and Widget versions.

What is Google Docs Viewer?
Google Docs Viewer is an online service from the Google Docs team that makes it possible to view documents like Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint directly in the web browser.  The benefit of using the viewer inside Mibbit is you and your fellow chatters can quickly look at PDF, PPT and Word docs without leaving your Mibbit chat.

Viewing docs inside Mibbit.
To use this feature simply post a link to a document into the chat. You will see a small icon next to the link. Clicking the icon will open the document in the extra pane on the right hand side, hide the user list to make the area bigger and drag the divider to size the window how you want.  See the examples in pics below;

This works in the main Mibbit client and the Widget right away, and if you want to turn it off at any time just go to Prefs, Chat Data in your account and untick the “.pdf .ppt .doc” option.

In the next blog we’ll be looking at how groups can go one step further than collaboratively viewing documents during chat to see which document editors work well inside Mibbit widgets.  We’d love to hear from any of you about your favourite and we’ll try to include it. :)